Hello, I am Khushnam. a baker, cook, dessert maker, food enthusiast and a kitchen busy body. I am happiest and at my best in the warm confines and the comforting aromas of my sunlit kitchen……..sifting, whipping, folding and baking from scratch……no ready-mixes or store bought packages allowed in my kitchen! Being a stay-at-home Mom, gives me the added responsibility of making baked treats healthier, looking for health friendly twists to add to my creations.

In addition to my passion for baking is a hidden, unexplored desire to write stories inspired by my kitchen adventures and quite a few misadventures.

20150125_173547 In this blog I  share my journey with other Bakeroos like me. I will share with you my passion, my  recipes, healthy food options…. that don’t spell boring. The recipes may not be elaborate, grand, complicated, laden with technical jargon or use exotic ingredients but I can assure you that the end result is meant to bring smiles and gladden the heart. Baking can be uncomplicated, easy and the closest you can get to a state of meditation. The cake you put on the plate may not be a work of art but your passion and love will shine through in the taste.

Join me as I get my hands messy, whip till my arm falls off, sing odes to simple, humble everyday ingredients and bake Happiness !

PS: All the recipes and pictures are my own original creations. If you use them please give due credit!! Thank you for stopping by and do leave your comments, demands and questions. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! Love…….. 🙂

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